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Regardless of the cause of your sewer line problem, our technicians will get your system right as rain as quickly as possible. Whether you have a bellied pipe, invading tree roots, or other problem, our technicians can perform an intensive inspection to determine the cause of your sewer line issue so that we can effectively repair it. With years of experience and a professional team behind us, you can trust our plumbers know what they’re doing when it comes to trenchless sewer line repair in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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Traditional Method vs. Trenchless Sewer Repair Method

So what’s the deal with trenchless sewer line repair? Our Fort Collins trenchless sewer line repair team knows that this method provides a host of benefits that traditional sewer line repair does not.

Traditional Trenching Method


Traditional sewer line repair gets messy – fast. It involves tearing up the entire length of pipe, which means digging a trench in your front hard, tearing up the sidewalk, getting city permits in order to disrupt public walkways, and more. This can get costly very quickly, and it also means more expenses for you in order to replace or repair your sewer line and get your front yard back to normal once repairs have been made. Trenched sewer line repair also requires more downtime for your sewer system, which can be hugely inconvenient if you’re operating a business.


Trenchless Sewer Repair Method


Trenchless sewer line repair, as the name implies, does not involve digging of a trench along the length of the sewer pipe. Instead, only two holes are dug – one at the entrance and one at the exit of the pipe to be repaired or replaced. This means less money spent on relandscaping your lawn after your repairs. Additionally, the overall costs of trenchless sewer line repair in Fort Collins are lower, and the estimated completion time is much shorter than traditional sewer line repair. This means minimal disruption of your daily activities – and less of a ding on your wallet.


Trenchless Sewer Repair Methods

So you’ve decided to go trenchless – great! It’s important that you understand the different methods so that when you invest in trenchless sewer repair in Fort Collins, you know what you’re getting into (and what costs to expect).

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Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is used when the old pipe cannot be salvaged at all, either due to excessive breakage or other problems. This calls for the trenchless sewer repair method called pipe bursting – which is exactly how it sounds. Rather than digging a ditch and removing the old pipe, two holes are made at the entryway and exit of your existing sewer line. A brand new pipe is sent through the old one, attached to a bursting head that breaks up the old pipe as it drags the new one behind it. This can usually be completed in one day, and the new pipe will last for decades if properly cared for.

Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is great if you have an existing pipe that is just cracked in a few places. A liner is first placed within the sewer line, and then coated with a durable, long-lasting epoxy. The liner is then expanded via high pressure equipment, and the resin is allowed to dry in the shape of your pipe. This will shorten the inner diameter of your pipe slightly, but the new pipe is long-lasting and stronger than the previous one.

Pipe Boring

Directional drilling and horizontal boring are a newer trenchless method of underground pipe installation.  Horizontal boring actually allows you to replace the damaged pipe by pulling thru a new line underground. You do not even have to have a preexisting line or pipe.  Other methods such as pipelining require an almost perfect pipe to reline.  Pipe bursting requires a pipe to burst thru and trenching requires digging up the existing damaged pipe creating a long and deep trench.

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